Apr 28

6 Ways To Look Young And How To Avoid Wrinkles

Young as you are now, you should be investing with proper skin care. As people age, the skin begins to sag, become dry and wrinkled. Wrinkles are fine lines you can see in any part of the body and most visible in the face. It’s associated with aging. The more wrinkles you have in your face and neck, the older you are looking.

Wrinkles are normal part of aging. It’s not something to be scared of and most importantly, can be delayed. There are several factors that cause these lines to appear early. There’s no specific age with the start of their appearance but with the right preventive measures, you can delay their existence. With good skin care, you can maintain the youth and beauty of your skin even if you’re old. Growing old doesn’t have to be unpleasant because of bodily changes. Age doesn’t matter as long as you look your best and confident about it.

Here are ways you should be imbibing from now on to postpone the appearance of wrinkles.

1. It’s believed that people who have dry skin are prone to wrinkles. As the skin ages, changes are brought to the loss of elasticity and less production of collagen which holds the skin together. These make the skin more drier leading to formation of lines. Moisturizers hydrate skin and make them compact. Using quality moisturizers work well in preventing dryness, thus preventing wrinkles.

2. The sun causes a lot of the damage to the skin. It doesn’t only cause dark spots but changes the structure of the skin. Strong ultraviolet rays emitted by the sun cause mutations that affect the make-up of the skin. The part of the body often exposed to the sun are prone to damage leading to wrinkles.

3. Quit smoking. One stick of cigarette contains a number of toxins that affect the whole part of the body including the skin. It’s found out that smoking can age a person by 10 more years. It makes the skin dry, sag and wrinkled.

4. The position when you sleep can cause those lines to appear on your face without you knowing it. Lying with the face on your side can press skin to fold which forms a line turning to wrinkles. The best position to sleep is sleeping with your back facing up. Gravity pulls the skin of your face to its normal position making it taut and firm.

5. Always wear sunglasses when going outside on a bright day. When the sun is shining hot, you tend to glare and squint. This creates crow’s feet (lines on the corner of your eyes). Wearing sunnies prevent this and making it easier for you to see things on a bright day.

6. Make antioxidants your best friends. Consume food that are rich in antioxidants. These include coffee, fruits and vegetables. Antioxidants delay aging and improve the circulation to the skin. The skin remains healthy and firm.

These are just simple and doable tips you can do as early as now. Take care of your skin while you’re still young. You’ll be thankful to have done these when you’ve grown old but still look young and vibrant. Stay away from wrinkles and enjoy your beautiful, younger-looking skin as you age.