Make Stretch Marks Disappear Fast

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Stretch marks are among the common imperfections of the body. You may be adoring models or celebrities  in magazines and television for the flawless skin. You may just not know it but every person, man or woman will come across in her life to have stretch marks. What you’re seeing might be deceiving because make-ups and cover-up sprays can really mask these marks.

How are stretchmarks formed?

The skin is normally elastic. It stretches when a person becomes taller or gain weight. It accommodates growth in muscle and even fat. Stretch marks form when the skin overstretched quickly. The skin is torn rapidly without giving it time to stretch. Collagen is the component of the skin. What happens is that when there’s overstretching, the collagen forming the skin becomes disconnected. This results in fine lines which are called stretch marks.

Where are stretch marks found?

Stretch marks tend to appear in the stomach, thighs, breasts, arms, butt and hips. These areas contain a lot of fat deposits which make the skin expand. During pregnancy, as the abdomen enlarges to accommodate the growing baby, the skin also stretches causing stretchmarks. These appear as streaks and may be colored brown, white or purplish.

Do stretch marks disappear on their own?

What makes stretch marks prominent and seen is their color. The color of the lines are darker compared to the original skin color. Over time, most stretch marks disappear on their own. These marks turn lighter and blend with the color of the skin. There are instances that they appear as indentations and grooves and never change in appearance. Depending on the genetic make up of the skin and degree of stretching, there are just some marks that are visible to the eyes. If these make you feel down, you can deal with them in a lot of ways.

How to deal with stretch marks?

There are several ways to get rid of stretch marks. The most common used by people is a topical cream. There are several brands sold in the market that say they make stretch marks disappear. Some have lightening action that mask the appearance of marks. Some contain collagen the promotes tissue or skin repair. Strech marks cream may just take a long time to work and require your patience. Shea or cocoa butter are also effective in relieving stretch marks. By massaging it into the area daily, skin renewal is promoted lessening the marks.

For the faster solution for stretch marks, it’s best to visit your dermatologist. Medicine makes use of advanced technology that work specifically on stretch marks. One procedure is with the use of laser therapies that cause microdermabrasion. These peel off the upper layer of the skin safely without pain and bringing in newer cells. These, however, are costly but do pay off. In just a few weeks, you can see dramatic results on the skin’s surface. Skin resurfacing can be done to even out the texture and color of the skin.

Don’t worry so much of stretch marks because they’re really gonna disappear. You just need to find the treatment that would work for you. Taking care of the skin is a habit you must be willing to do. With several ways to eliminate these imperfections, you can surely be looking your best in no time.

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