Sleep Enough To Lose Weight

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Are you having trouble sleeping? Lack of sleep affects the body’s craving for food. Studies show that if you don’t get enough sleep, your adrenals produce greater amounts of corticosteroids. This could double your appetite and cause weight gain.

You may be working on a grave-yard shift or getting less sleep because of beating a deadline. Have you ever wondered why you get even heavier when you are stressed out? The hypothalamus, the satiety center of the brain, works by hunger and thirst mechanism. If you are hungry, your brain would tell you to eat. Hunger could be caused by an increase in corticosteroids in the blood. This is the reason why you tend to eat more than you usually do when you lack sleep.

So if you are trying to lose pounds then try working on things that make you overweight. Here are some tips on how to avoid lack of sleep, overeating and the consequence of both- weight gain.

Time Management

Stop cramming on tasks that you could have done days or weeks before the cut-off date. This could add up to the stress and would give you sleepless nights. Work on a monthly schedule so you would not be missing out things to do. Also, using planners or marking your calendars could help you avoid burning your midnight oil just to accomplish things. Aside from avoiding weight gain, time management could also yield better outputs.


Not getting enough sleep is stress. Oftentimes, when you are experiencing fatigue after a long day’s work, it is hard to doze off. Relaxing in situations like this would be dropping by the spa for a massage or simply having a warm foot bath at home. This may relieve your tired muscles and would allow you to rest well. Also, exercise could soothe your aching body and is proven to promote sleep. When you get enough sleep of 8 to 10 hours a day, this would prevent your corticosteroids to shoot up.

Dealing with Insomnia

If you have a more serious problem with sleeplessness such as insomnia, seek for help. This condition due to several factors such as psychological problems could give you the hardest time sleeping. Seeing an expert on treatment of sleep disorders could help you in dealing with insomnia. Some people who suffer from this end up with a huge appetite. Increased corticosteroid levels and at the same time finding comfort in foods make them gain weight. Some insomniacs suffer from obesity.

Have you ever thought that sleeping could actually make you lose weight? This may be true for some who often lack sleep and end up with a big appetite. However, if you don’t eat as to compensate for the stress then you could end up being underweight.

Remember, too much of anything is bad. There is a thin line between sleeping enough and oversleeping. When you sleep or stay in bed the whole day, you are assuming a sedentary lifestyle. This habit may in turn cause you to swell because of lack of activity.

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