Even Out Your Skin Tone In 5 Natural Ways

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The sun is the main culprit for uneven skin tone. Especially for people who love the outdoors and the beach, they are mainly affected by hyperpigmented skin. In several places where the sun is scorching hot, the skin could easily get dark with little sun exposure. People can’t totally avoid the sun. You can’t just stay the whole day inside your home because you don’t want to get dark. By protecting your skin, you can get out without worrying of skin damage. It’s just reasonable to be conscious of the skin. It’s the first thing that people see in you. Having great even toned skin can really make your look attractive.

If you are looking for ways to lighten out hyperpigmented patches of skin to have a uniform skin color with the whole body, there are several natural ways to achieve it. Here are 5 natural and effective ways to even out skin tone without harm.

1. The best solution is to protect your skin from the sun. The more you expose yourself under the sun could darken your skin color and cause sunburn. You can wear sun protective clothing like a wide-brimmed hat, long sleeves, pants or long skirts to hide it. If you want to show off some skin and wear clothes you want, never go out without your sunscreen on. Use higher SPF when the sun is shining bright especially at noon and don’t forget to reapply frequently. Sweat can wash away sunscreen leaving your skin prone to sunburn.

2. Exfoliate to get rid of dead skin cells. Using home preparations like sugar and olive oil, sea salt or fruit peels work. Exfoliating once a week or every two weeks exposes newer skin cells and aids in regeneration of the skin. Your skin becomes smoother, softer and more even toned.

3. Lighten up dark areas. These areas may be the elbows, knees and inner thigh. Skin folds result in a darker appearance. You can lighten them up naturally by rubbing lemons. Lemons contain acid that can lighten up the skin.

4. Eating fruits and vegetables contain antioxidants that make skin beautiful. Specifically Vitamins A and C help renew skin. The skin cells underneath continue to produce and push themselves upward getting rid of the outer skin layer. With the needed nutrients, the newer skin produced will be healthier and more velvety. Indulge over tomatoes, citrus fruits, carrots, berries and green leafy vegetables. These will make your skin become brighter.

5. For an instant glowing even toned skin, make-ups are your savior. Tinted moisturizers and foundations can even out your skin instantly. Use a quality brush or sponge for a smooth finish. For dark circles and spots, concealers work on them. When applying, simply pat rather than rub over dark areas. Before putting on make-up, wash your face thoroughly to provide a clean base. Top off your make-up with loose powder to set it in place and to have a long-lasting effect.

These are ways you can achieve that beautiful skin without worrying of dark blotches. Taking care of your skin isn’t that expensive. These five ways do wonders without emptying your pockets. Go out and look your best with your even toned skin.

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