Why Too Much Make-Up Is Dangerous: Ways to Overcome Them

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Staying pretty and fighting aging are perhaps one of the major industries nowadays. It’s no secret that we use it to our day to day lives to keep us confident, neat and most of all, beautiful. However, we should also consider for a minute what we’re putting on our skin before we go gaga on the makeup. I’m pretty sure that this little article won’t hurt any eyeliner sales or keep foundations from dragging down to nerve-wrecking lows; but this article will serve as a sort of advisory. Again, I’m not into going completely make-up free but it doesn’t mean we shouldn’t know the risks, right?


All types of makeup have preservatives in them as well as other ingredients to keep their mixture effective in terms of use. However, they may trigger certain allergies for people who are prone to them. If you experience any kind of irritations or outbreak of rash after an elapsed time of use, one should stop using that particular cosmetic product. If you’re unsure what type of ingredient you are particularly allergic to, visit a dermatologist and have them perform a patch test on you. It should determine possible causes so you will have an idea in the future.

Advanced Aging

This is perhaps a danger that we all should take seriously when using too much make-up. Eyeliners and liquid-based foundations contain chemicals that can cause premature aging. Watch out for liquid foundations that contain silicone since they not only block your pores but also add a few years to your skin. Avoid using too much of these cosmetics whenever possible.


Perhaps one of the more annoying types of makeup are the “unbreatheable” types which may cover blemishes such as acne, but can ultimately block your pores and cause them to worsen if you don’t remove your make-up after extended periods of use. Another concern with cosmetics is you’re exfoliating products. Deep cleansers you see, can damage skin and remove the protective top layer that prevents acne from developing. The tip here of course is to use finer or less makeup in order to not clog your pores. Exfoliating your skin must also be taken lightly as it can cause more harm than good when improperly used.

Ingredients You Should Know:

Alright, we covered the basics of why using too much make-up is harmful. Now you here’s a list of notable ingredients in most make-up mixtures that you should take careful note of. Although they cant harm you in trace amounts, but a build-up of their use can certainly do a number on your body.

  • Paraben. This ingredient can cause skin irritation with prolonged use, contact dermatitis and reportedly cancer.
  • Sodium Laurel Sulphate or SLS. This can lead to a number of skin-related issues, along with dermatitis.
  • Synthetic scents. These are perhaps widely used on a number of cosmetic products and are unfortunately allergic to certain people.

Again, this article’s aim isn’t about condemning the wearing make-up. Its aim is to better understand why using too much can cause permanent problems. In lighter uses, these problems won’t manifest themselves but heavy and continued use can leave you with unsightly symptoms.

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