Cycling as a Form of Exercising

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Bicycles are great vehicles not only as a more economic way of getting around, but another healthy alternative of exercise. If you intend to start exercising with a bicycle, you must first understand how to properly ride a bike, how to cycle safely as well as options for exercise.

Bike Safety

Cycling maybe a great way of exercise, but you must understand proper safety in order to avoid unnecessary accidents and bike-related injuries. Here are a couple of precautionary measures that you need to understand before you start your cycling exercises:

  • If you’re hurt or feel hurt after cycling for a minutes – stop. There’s a saying that tells you that no guts no glory, but if you feel abnormal pangs of intense pain, you need to stop immediately and if possible, schedule an appointment with your doctor.
  • Look both ways. If you’re cycling in an area where there is traffic, always be observant of the road. Bicycles can slip through traffic relatively fast, but what you don’t see can no doubt send you into a world of hurt!
  • Always wear a helmet. The unthinkable can always happen, especially when you least expect it. Helmets can save your life so don’t go off cycling without it.
  • Wear the proper gear. A cyclist’s outfit isn’t just a costume; it helps you be more aerodynamic, giving you more control especially during windy seasons.
  • Know your bike’s limitations. There are basically two main types of bikes: mountain bikes and BMX bikes. Mountain bikes are built for crossing rough terrain and are taller than BMX bikes by comparison.
  • Popular Cycling Spots

    Perhaps the unique thing about cycling as a form of exercise is that your fitness is tested by the terrain itself. In a way it’s a more intense form of running or jogging since you’ll be weighing both your balance as well as you momentum in order to cross terrain. Here are some popular cycling spots that you should consider:

    Road Biking. This is great for beginners to start; it’s flat enough to give even the lowliest of bikes traction and it gives you opportunity to build up your speed without having to deal with rocky pathways. If you want to breeze through your bike rides, roads are ideal.

    Mountain Biking. These are built for people who want to take their biking to a whole new level, but these are strictly for mountain bikes as BMX models aren’t built to service rough terrain. The surface is uneven which means you have to really work during uphill climbs and manage your speed during slides downhill. It’s rough, potentially messy and challenging!

    Bike Maintenance

    Keeping your bike well-oiled as well as keeping your tires nice and filled with air are the rudimentary elements of maintaining your bike. It is also pertinent to check your breaks before going on your ventures for precautionary measures. Do a weekly inspection of your bike to see if it need crucial fixing or further cleaning.

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