A Complete Beginner’s Guide to Strength Training

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Strength training is for people who want to look and feel fit. It’s all about strengthening muscle tissue, cutting down lumps of fat off your body and looking good in the process. Don’t let muscular people at the gym or in fitness ads scare you, you are never too late for strength training. Here are a couple of basics that should help you understand how the system works.

For the benefit of people who want a more successive routine, here’s very basic outline:

1st Week

The first week is dedicated solely to preparing your body for workout. It will essentially limber up your body for the coming weeks so if you experience bodily sores, it’s completely normal.

  • Start with full body workout routine (you can get diagrams online or at your local gym) so you can best prepare for the strength exercise in the coming weeks. Do two reps of these exercises.
  • Selective exercises for each body part (or parts that you want to improve on). Perform a set of 10 to 15 reps per exercise using light dumbbells. Take a day or two of rest in-between workout days. (For a more detailed understanding of this, check my Basic Strength Exercise article!)

2nd Week

Now that your body is limber and able, this is where the workout slightly escalates into a more normalized routine.

  • Continue your selective exercise routine, still maintaining one 1 set of reps for each part.
  • Place additional weights to your lifting quota (roughly 3 but not more than 5 pounds). REMEMBER: Place only enough that you can complete the desired 10 to 15 reps.
  • Do this routine in two-day intervals with a day of recuperation in between intervals.

3rd- 6th Week

As you reach a more normalized pace, the rest is just about adding just the right formula of weights as you will notice below:

  • Add an additional rep to each exercise until you reach a 16-rep cap. Once you reach that number, you add another 3-5 pounds for upper body weights and 10 for your lower body and revert to 10 reps. repeat the addition process every time you reach the 16-rep maximum.
  • 4TH WEEK: Add one more day to your workout sessions, still applying the one day rest in-between sessions.
  • 6th WEEK: Add another set for each exercise.


Now this is obviously not the end of the road for your workout, if you want more you can check out more intermediate routines in this site. But for now, you should focus on the basics I’ve laid out for you. But don’t think that this is just about lifting weights; you also need to take nutrition in order to get the muscle development.

You see, as your body changes due to exercise your metabolism has to adapt in order to keep the muscle growth possible. You see, muscle tissue needs energy to operate properly and thus they require burning more energy in order to operate properly.

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