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officials break ground for N

Jay Z, born Shawn Carter, joined politicians and officials for the groundbreaking ceremony for the Barclays Center, the 22 acre development center in Brooklyn that will eventually be the new home of the New Jersey Nets.

Last December, Ratner’s Forest City Ratner Cos. finalized a deal to sell 80 percent of the Nets. Jay Z is part owner of the NBA team.

The ceremony, which featured Borough President Marty Markowitz, the Rev. Al Sharpton, Gov. David Paterson and Mayor Michael Bloomberg,bobbleheads, also attracted protesters who claim the new arena will be the death of Brooklyn.

See Photos Of The Protest At The New York Times

Inside a tent at the construction site, however, officials insisted the project would breathe new life into the borough.

“Today is a great day for Brooklyn and for the soul of Brooklyn,Personalized Bobbleheads, which is very much alive,” said Markowitz. Markowitz has been the most vocal supporter of the Atlantic Yards project since it was announced seven years ago, according to the Associated Press.”What I stand here and represent is hope for Brooklyn, New York City. I’m a son of Brooklyn, I’m from Marcy projects.” Jay Z said, reports MTV News. “I think about growing up in Brooklyn in the Marcy projects and shooting jump shots,Custom bobbleheads,Personalized Bobbleheads 43, thinking I can make it to the NBA. Now I stand here as an owner of team that’s coming back to Brooklyn.”

Some Brooklyn residents have been against the project since it was announced and numerous lawsuits were filed to put a halt to the plan. The argument involved the city’s use of eminent domain.

“What they’re going to build is a money losing arena, maybe one or two towers and acres and acres of parking,” Daniel Goldstein told the Associated Press. Goldstein is the founder of Develop Don’t Destroy Brooklyn. The building project is described as a “scam” and “bait and switch” scheme on the group’s Web site.

See Images Of The Projected Finished Product

Goldstein’s home was seized by the state to make way for the project,bobbleheads 93, although they have yet to leave, according to the Associated Press.

The project, headed by developer Bruce Ratner, reportedly costs $4.9 billion. The arena will seat 18,000,Custom bobbleheads 42, be home to business and residential properties and is expected to open in 2012, according to a press release. The building site is located in downtown Brooklyn at Flatbush and Atlantic Avenues.

Brooklyn hasn’t had a professional sports team since the Dodgers moved to Los Angeles in 1957.

Jay Z’s wife, Beyonce, was also in attendance at the groundbreaking ceremeony. The singer/actress was in the borough just days ago to open a cosmotology center at The Phoenix House, which helps recovering substance abusers.

Jay Z, Officials Break Ground For Barclays Center At Atlantic Yards

Mayor Michael Bloomberg, from left, New York Gov. (Seth Wenig/AP)

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Jun 08

How to Look Good Naturally

Looking good nowadays may seem like a few thick dabs of makeup, implants and a myriad of technological advancements. Sure, they have their uses, but using it to be attractive is both a bad investment in the long run as well as an entirely bad idea altogether.

The idea to looking good naturally is taking advantage of what you’ve got instead of just covering it up in prosthetics and make up. Being natural is not only healthier, but it is also very inexpensive. To start you off, here are some of the important factors that can get you started on your way to a more natural look:

1. Go on a Diet

A healthier approach to your diet can help in establishing a more active and vibrant body! Know this does not mean that you have to starve yourself or go for more boring food choices; think of it as a whole new adventure! My personal favorite is the “switheroo” method. This method is simple and is especially designed for people who don’t like sudden changes on their plates. If you’re prone to getting your fill of carbonated beverages, you can switch them for concentrated fruit juices instead. Try doing this method slowly but surely and before you know it you’ll be eating a healthier plate!

2. Exercise!

Exercise is also a great way to increase your confidence as well up your energy to let you go through your day. But what about if you’re on a busy schedule or stacked in too much paper work, you ask? That can be arranged. Here are a couple of simple exercises that can help you get in shape at your office or home without using gym equipment:

  • The Calf Raise. Hold on anything like a desk for balance, and then raise your heels off the floor. Repeat as many times as needed.
  • Shoulder Relax. Take a deep breath, raising your shoulders up to your ears and exhaling as you raise it down again.
  • Wall Push-up. Stand at a distance to a wall, putting both your palms on the surface. Lift yourself up then return to the starting point.

3. Use Natural Treatments!

The natural look is perhaps one of the more adequate and less strenuous forms of beauty there is. Aside from the light cover-up application, you can pretty much try these homemade mixtures to look good under a budget:

  • Cucumber can practically tone down the puffiness of your eye bags. Apply a slice on both eyes, let it sit overnight and feel the results when you wake up.
  • Avocado facial masks can give you that radiant glow. Just mash one in a bowl, let it set on your face for about 15 minutes or so, then rinse.

As you can see, it’s easy to attain a natural beauty over hoarding on beauty products. Elegance, as they say is an uncomplicated thing to do, just a properly executed beauty. Eat healthy, exercise and use natural alternatives and before you know it, you’ll be more vibrant than you were ever before!

Jun 01

Why Too Much Make-Up Is Dangerous: Ways to Overcome Them

Staying pretty and fighting aging are perhaps one of the major industries nowadays. It’s no secret that we use it to our day to day lives to keep us confident, neat and most of all, beautiful. However, we should also consider for a minute what we’re putting on our skin before we go gaga on the makeup. I’m pretty sure that this little article won’t hurt any eyeliner sales or keep foundations from dragging down to nerve-wrecking lows; but this article will serve as a sort of advisory. Again, I’m not into going completely make-up free but it doesn’t mean we shouldn’t know the risks, right?


All types of makeup have preservatives in them as well as other ingredients to keep their mixture effective in terms of use. However, they may trigger certain allergies for people who are prone to them. If you experience any kind of irritations or outbreak of rash after an elapsed time of use, one should stop using that particular cosmetic product. If you’re unsure what type of ingredient you are particularly allergic to, visit a dermatologist and have them perform a patch test on you. It should determine possible causes so you will have an idea in the future.

Advanced Aging

This is perhaps a danger that we all should take seriously when using too much make-up. Eyeliners and liquid-based foundations contain chemicals that can cause premature aging. Watch out for liquid foundations that contain silicone since they not only block your pores but also add a few years to your skin. Avoid using too much of these cosmetics whenever possible.


Perhaps one of the more annoying types of makeup are the “unbreatheable” types which may cover blemishes such as acne, but can ultimately block your pores and cause them to worsen if you don’t remove your make-up after extended periods of use. Another concern with cosmetics is you’re exfoliating products. Deep cleansers you see, can damage skin and remove the protective top layer that prevents acne from developing. The tip here of course is to use finer or less makeup in order to not clog your pores. Exfoliating your skin must also be taken lightly as it can cause more harm than good when improperly used.

Ingredients You Should Know:

Alright, we covered the basics of why using too much make-up is harmful. Now you here’s a list of notable ingredients in most make-up mixtures that you should take careful note of. Although they cant harm you in trace amounts, but a build-up of their use can certainly do a number on your body.

  • Paraben. This ingredient can cause skin irritation with prolonged use, contact dermatitis and reportedly cancer.
  • Sodium Laurel Sulphate or SLS. This can lead to a number of skin-related issues, along with dermatitis.
  • Synthetic scents. These are perhaps widely used on a number of cosmetic products and are unfortunately allergic to certain people.

Again, this article’s aim isn’t about condemning the wearing make-up. Its aim is to better understand why using too much can cause permanent problems. In lighter uses, these problems won’t manifest themselves but heavy and continued use can leave you with unsightly symptoms.

May 25

The Beginner’s Guide to Workouts

In order to get the most of your exercise, you must first understand the types of workouts there are, how they work and how to implement them to your liking. You see, it’s more than just lifting weights and running; since people are different and have different lifestyles, the workout routine must coincide with that particular person. So here are the breakdowns to the different workouts:


Cardiovascular exercises specialize in improving your body’s overall health. It burns excess fat as well as get your heart in shape for years to come. These types of workouts give you that jolt of energy you need as well as maximizing your energy by unclogging your arteries.

  • Running burns unneeded calories, perfect for trimming down those love handles. It gives your heart a healthy beating as well release “feel good” hormones just to sweeten the deal.
  • Cardiovascular exercises also increase your lung capacity, allowing you to run longer and hold your breath longer underwater.
  • Running on a somewhat casual basis can help reduce the possibilities of heart attack. It’s also workout that is a perfect rehabilitation for people with high blood pressure as well as diabetes.


People use strength training for two obvious reasons: it defines muscles for aesthetics sake and it allows you to be stronger. They are also important in adjusting your metabolism so you can burn fat faster as well as other interesting perks.

  • Strength-based workouts help develop bone density thus making them stronger and less prone to breakage.
  • Muscles aren’t only for show, these tightly packed tissues that can aid in avoiding injury.
  • The more muscles you develop, the more they help in raising your metabolism. Since muscles need calories in order to sustain themselves, having well-developed muscle tissues insures that the calories are directed to them instead of being stored in your body for future use.
  • Strength workouts need proper posture in order to get the most out of your workout, muscle memory allows your body to be coordinated and have better balance.
  • Its aesthetic value insures that you not only feel good, but also look good.


Flexibility workouts focus on insuring that your limbs are…well, limber. It makes you less susceptible to sprains and has less trouble dealing with stress. Yoga is perhaps one of the best known workouts that combine increasing flexibility as well as deflating stressful thoughts.

  • Yoga is a great form of flexing exercise since it literally requires no equipment, just a basic idea of correct posture as well as stretch positioning.
  • Flexibility exercises also helps to manage stress since it also teaches you breathing techniques to help manage your heart rate as well as calm you down in more stressful situations.
  • Being able to properly limber up also aids in your progress of working out. it helps loosen yourself so you can better perform exercises as well as have more quality of movement when doing sports or getting through with day to day activities.
May 18

A Complete Beginner’s Guide to Strength Training

Strength training is for people who want to look and feel fit. It’s all about strengthening muscle tissue, cutting down lumps of fat off your body and looking good in the process. Don’t let muscular people at the gym or in fitness ads scare you, you are never too late for strength training. Here are a couple of basics that should help you understand how the system works.

For the benefit of people who want a more successive routine, here’s very basic outline:

1st Week

The first week is dedicated solely to preparing your body for workout. It will essentially limber up your body for the coming weeks so if you experience bodily sores, it’s completely normal.

  • Start with full body workout routine (you can get diagrams online or at your local gym) so you can best prepare for the strength exercise in the coming weeks. Do two reps of these exercises.
  • Selective exercises for each body part (or parts that you want to improve on). Perform a set of 10 to 15 reps per exercise using light dumbbells. Take a day or two of rest in-between workout days. (For a more detailed understanding of this, check my Basic Strength Exercise article!)

2nd Week

Now that your body is limber and able, this is where the workout slightly escalates into a more normalized routine.

  • Continue your selective exercise routine, still maintaining one 1 set of reps for each part.
  • Place additional weights to your lifting quota (roughly 3 but not more than 5 pounds). REMEMBER: Place only enough that you can complete the desired 10 to 15 reps.
  • Do this routine in two-day intervals with a day of recuperation in between intervals.

3rd- 6th Week

As you reach a more normalized pace, the rest is just about adding just the right formula of weights as you will notice below:

  • Add an additional rep to each exercise until you reach a 16-rep cap. Once you reach that number, you add another 3-5 pounds for upper body weights and 10 for your lower body and revert to 10 reps. repeat the addition process every time you reach the 16-rep maximum.
  • 4TH WEEK: Add one more day to your workout sessions, still applying the one day rest in-between sessions.
  • 6th WEEK: Add another set for each exercise.


Now this is obviously not the end of the road for your workout, if you want more you can check out more intermediate routines in this site. But for now, you should focus on the basics I’ve laid out for you. But don’t think that this is just about lifting weights; you also need to take nutrition in order to get the muscle development.

You see, as your body changes due to exercise your metabolism has to adapt in order to keep the muscle growth possible. You see, muscle tissue needs energy to operate properly and thus they require burning more energy in order to operate properly.

May 11

Make Stretch Marks Disappear Fast

Stretch marks are among the common imperfections of the body. You may be adoring models or celebrities  in magazines and television for the flawless skin. You may just not know it but every person, man or woman will come across in her life to have stretch marks. What you’re seeing might be deceiving because make-ups and cover-up sprays can really mask these marks.

How are stretchmarks formed?

The skin is normally elastic. It stretches when a person becomes taller or gain weight. It accommodates growth in muscle and even fat. Stretch marks form when the skin overstretched quickly. The skin is torn rapidly without giving it time to stretch. Collagen is the component of the skin. What happens is that when there’s overstretching, the collagen forming the skin becomes disconnected. This results in fine lines which are called stretch marks.

Where are stretch marks found?

Stretch marks tend to appear in the stomach, thighs, breasts, arms, butt and hips. These areas contain a lot of fat deposits which make the skin expand. During pregnancy, as the abdomen enlarges to accommodate the growing baby, the skin also stretches causing stretchmarks. These appear as streaks and may be colored brown, white or purplish.

Do stretch marks disappear on their own?

What makes stretch marks prominent and seen is their color. The color of the lines are darker compared to the original skin color. Over time, most stretch marks disappear on their own. These marks turn lighter and blend with the color of the skin. There are instances that they appear as indentations and grooves and never change in appearance. Depending on the genetic make up of the skin and degree of stretching, there are just some marks that are visible to the eyes. If these make you feel down, you can deal with them in a lot of ways.

How to deal with stretch marks?

There are several ways to get rid of stretch marks. The most common used by people is a topical cream. There are several brands sold in the market that say they make stretch marks disappear. Some have lightening action that mask the appearance of marks. Some contain collagen the promotes tissue or skin repair. Strech marks cream may just take a long time to work and require your patience. Shea or cocoa butter are also effective in relieving stretch marks. By massaging it into the area daily, skin renewal is promoted lessening the marks.

For the faster solution for stretch marks, it’s best to visit your dermatologist. Medicine makes use of advanced technology that work specifically on stretch marks. One procedure is with the use of laser therapies that cause microdermabrasion. These peel off the upper layer of the skin safely without pain and bringing in newer cells. These, however, are costly but do pay off. In just a few weeks, you can see dramatic results on the skin’s surface. Skin resurfacing can be done to even out the texture and color of the skin.

Don’t worry so much of stretch marks because they’re really gonna disappear. You just need to find the treatment that would work for you. Taking care of the skin is a habit you must be willing to do. With several ways to eliminate these imperfections, you can surely be looking your best in no time.

May 04

Modify Your Eating Habits to Lose Weight

Do you feel like you have done the most aggressive measures to lose weight? You may be overwhelmed by the need of getting slim so badly that you turn on these weight loss programs. The truth is you could be missing out on the simple ways. Small things if done religiously could yield significant changes. There are several eating habits that could make you lose weight.

Here are some tips that could help you bring sexy back:

Eat Small Frequent Feedings

We are used to eating three full meals and two snacks a day. Small frequent feeding is eating lighter meals at more frequent times. This allows the body to digest the food well and utilize it for your activities.

If you binge or even eat a heavier meal, the body needs more time to absorb the food. This may even lead to eating more. When the elastic stomach is stretched and the food gets digested, it shrinks back to its original state. This could trigger hunger and would cause you to take more full meals.

However, when you eat light meals in an interval of three hours each, you may be saved from getting more calories. You should eat frequently yet within the required daily caloric requirement. Also, this could help prevent diseases such as colon cancer.

Don’t Bite More than What You Can Chew

Have you experienced rushing to the cafeteria in a hurry to be on time for work? This may cause you to eat faster than how you should be. Oftentimes, food particles are not broken down through mechanical digestion in the mouth before you swallow it.

It takes 20 minutes for the brain to detect that you are already full. The stretching of the stomach and the presence of nerves around it send this signal to the hypothalamus. It is recommended that you should chew 30 to 50 times before swallowing a mouthful of food. Also, swallow the food first before having another spoon of it.

Don’t forget to Drink

Most of the time, thirst is mistaken as hunger. The thirst mechanism is weak that the brain would detect the signal that you are hungry. After a meal, we sometimes forget to drink or usually it takes a while before we do so.

The recommended intake of water is 8 to 10 glasses per day. This could vary depending on your activity, the climate and your body mass. Drinking water could make you feel full. Remember that satiety also depend on the stretching and shrinking of the stomach.

Lastly, a sip or a glass of water before each meal would prepare your stomach for the food that you are about to take. This would make the glands of your stomach ready for digestion.

These are simple eating habits that could help you work your way towards losing weight. These practices are proven to cause great health benefits as well. You may not find time to work out in the gym after work yet simple things put into practice may help. After all, weight loss does not have to be abrupt. It should be at a gradual but steady rate.

Apr 28

Sleep Enough To Lose Weight

Are you having trouble sleeping? Lack of sleep affects the body’s craving for food. Studies show that if you don’t get enough sleep, your adrenals produce greater amounts of corticosteroids. This could double your appetite and cause weight gain.

You may be working on a grave-yard shift or getting less sleep because of beating a deadline. Have you ever wondered why you get even heavier when you are stressed out? The hypothalamus, the satiety center of the brain, works by hunger and thirst mechanism. If you are hungry, your brain would tell you to eat. Hunger could be caused by an increase in corticosteroids in the blood. This is the reason why you tend to eat more than you usually do when you lack sleep.

So if you are trying to lose pounds then try working on things that make you overweight. Here are some tips on how to avoid lack of sleep, overeating and the consequence of both- weight gain.

Time Management

Stop cramming on tasks that you could have done days or weeks before the cut-off date. This could add up to the stress and would give you sleepless nights. Work on a monthly schedule so you would not be missing out things to do. Also, using planners or marking your calendars could help you avoid burning your midnight oil just to accomplish things. Aside from avoiding weight gain, time management could also yield better outputs.


Not getting enough sleep is stress. Oftentimes, when you are experiencing fatigue after a long day’s work, it is hard to doze off. Relaxing in situations like this would be dropping by the spa for a massage or simply having a warm foot bath at home. This may relieve your tired muscles and would allow you to rest well. Also, exercise could soothe your aching body and is proven to promote sleep. When you get enough sleep of 8 to 10 hours a day, this would prevent your corticosteroids to shoot up.

Dealing with Insomnia

If you have a more serious problem with sleeplessness such as insomnia, seek for help. This condition due to several factors such as psychological problems could give you the hardest time sleeping. Seeing an expert on treatment of sleep disorders could help you in dealing with insomnia. Some people who suffer from this end up with a huge appetite. Increased corticosteroid levels and at the same time finding comfort in foods make them gain weight. Some insomniacs suffer from obesity.

Have you ever thought that sleeping could actually make you lose weight? This may be true for some who often lack sleep and end up with a big appetite. However, if you don’t eat as to compensate for the stress then you could end up being underweight.

Remember, too much of anything is bad. There is a thin line between sleeping enough and oversleeping. When you sleep or stay in bed the whole day, you are assuming a sedentary lifestyle. This habit may in turn cause you to swell because of lack of activity.

Apr 28

Count Your Calories To Know If You Are Eating Right

Losing weight is just like losing the old habits. Have you had many attempts of getting slimmer? It may be so frustrating but never give up on your goal just because you failed several times. Losing weight had been the struggle of millions of overweight people in the globe. You are just one of them. Are there stories of weight loss success? The answer is, “YES!”

Are you familiar with the calorie list? Count your daily caloric intake and resist overeating by not exceeding your daily calorie requirement. Here is how to do it.

Know Your BMI

Body Mass Index is your weight (in kilograms) divided by a square of your height (in meters). It is a way on how to identify your body fat. So get the calculator, compute for your BMI and know your ideal body weight.

Compute for Your Daily Caloric Requirement

You should identify the calories required by your body for its metabolism and to keep up with its activity. Why? This would help you identify how much calories you should take daily for maintenance, weight loss or even weight gain.

Use a calorie calculator for this. This would require data such as your gender, age, activity and your BMI. Today, you could compute for your daily caloric requirement through the internet. Browse for a one now, enter the data required and know how much you should eat.

Know the Equivalents

Have a food calorie list. This would help you know how much you are taking if you take a snack with a medium-sized apple. Sources would tell you that an apple with a diameter of 3 inches or about the size of a baseball is 95 calories. You add it up with the calories from the meals you had during breakfast, lunch and dinner and you would know how much you are eating.

If for lunch you ate a cup of rice (200 calories) and a 91-g fish fillet (211 calories), then you had 411 calories for both meals. Add it up with the snack (apple) and both would sum up to 506 calories. It is simple mathematics.

Are You Eating Right?

If you’re required calorie intake for the day is 1500 calories, make sure you do not exceed the digits. This may vary according to your age, BMI, and activity/exercise. Take it as a baseline for your food consumption per day.

If you had 506 calories for lunch and for a snack and let us assume you had 400 calories for breakfast and 450 for dinner, these would add up to 1356 calories for that day. If your daily caloric requirement is 1500 calories minus your intake of 1356 calories, this means you are taking lesser then required. Based from the example, you are on the right track towards losing weight.

So know your calorie equivalents to know if you are eating within the required amount or you are more likely to gain weight.

This method for weight loss takes a lot of discipline. You may know how much calories you are eating but could you control your appetite? In every weight loss program, discipline is necessary. Your efforts may end up in vain if you don’t have the perseverance to sustain it.

Apr 28

Lose Weight: Burning Calories 101

How would you know that you are eating more than what is necessary? Your daily activities would determine your daily calorie requirement which also varies according to age, gender and your body mass index.

Burning the calories you had for a meal is not only through exercise. You could do so by doing household chores, office works or even by merely standing to wait for a cab. It is very much advisable though to have regular exercise at least 3 times a week. This could help you get rid of the excess calories and tone your muscles. However, if you‘re eating lesser than what is required to lose weight, you might consider taking more food in doing intense workout.

Know How Much You Burn

In every activity or task, there is a corresponding number of calories used up by the body. This means that you need not starve yourself to death. Eat a balanced diet and get rid of the excess calories by increasing your level of activity.

Some resources would tell you that if you weigh 70 kg, a 15-minute walk would use up 70 calories. Furthermore, if you sweep the floor for 15 minutes, you would be burning 60.51 calories. Read books and browse the internet for articles about activity expenditures.


If you had 1700 calories from the meals you had for the day, which is more than your required daily intake of 1500 calories, burn the excess. This would require you to know how much energy you use in doing your daily tasks. This is called activity expenditure. If your weight is 70 kg and you take a 15-minute walk to the office, you would approximately be burning 70 calories for this.

Sweeping the floor for 15 minutes would burn 60.51 calories (70 kg weight). Taking the example above, you could burn the 200 calorie excess by performing tasks that you don’t do everyday. Take a 15-minute walk to the office rather than taking a cab. If you do this from home to work and from work going home, you would be burning 140 calories. If after a day’s work you still have the energy to sweep the floor of the whole house, it would help you lose 60.51 of the calorie excess. Adding the energy expenditure for both activities would give you 200.51 calories, which means you have used up the excess.

Is Memorizing the Activity Expenditures Necessary?

Do you really need to memorize how much calories are used up for hundreds of activities that you could do everyday? The answer is, “NO!” Knowing the activity expenditures would be a great way to burn the calories that remain unused and turn into fats. If you are on a strict calorie counting then knowing how to get rid of the excess would be a great way to avoid gaining weight.

If you feel like you binged in a meal, you could compensate by adding tasks that could use up your energy. Productive activities that you add to your usual schedule would make you accomplish things and at the same time burn the excess calories.