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Traditional Japanese Children,
online cards against humanity

Nagegoma is a spinning top game that is one of the many varieties of traditional koma games that have been played in Japan for hundreds of years. The date is uncertain,
black and white card game, but it is believe that these spinning top games came to Japan from China and flourished in Japan during the Edo period (1542 1616). Nagegoma is played with a small wooden or steel spinning top that is thrown using a cord wrapped around the stem. There are a variety of spinning top games played by Japanese children, but nagegoma is the most popular among them and is still actively played today by children and adults.

Kendama is a traditional Japanese game for children that’s believed to have come to Japan from China about 200 years ago. The kendama is a piece of wood shaped like a hammer with cups of various sizes on each end of the hammer’s head and handle. There is also a spike sticking out of middle hammer’s head and a red ball attached to the hammer by a string. The game is played by jerking or swinging the ball so that it first lands in the smallest cup, then the largest and finally in the medium sized cup. Whoever can do it the fastest wins.

Traditional Games Japanese Children Play. One way to help children connect with Japanese culture is to play traditional games Japanese children play. Children in Japan play many of the same games on the playground as children in other countries. Of course,.

For a child to become motivated to learn a language,
cards against humanity review?, she must enjoy the experience. Language learning games can turn boring and predictable. In an age when children have instant and constant access to sophisticated video games and digital entertainment,
cards with humanity, adults may.

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What To Bring Or Leave When In Europe PHOTOS

Prior to a solo backpacking trip around France last fall, I had not carried a Jansport for more than two hours in my life.

Until this quarter life crisis,
cards of humanity, I was what you’d call “indoorsy.” The one time I camped outdoors was for an Occupy protest and I mostly occupied the nearby McDonald’s.

But at the end of August, I was out of school for the first time in 20 years and backpacking Europe seemed like a delayed, but fitting, clich. Four and a half weeks later, I returned and certain that if I could do it,
cards against humanity full set, anyone could.

All it takes is a little planning, guts and a carefully curated backpack.

Like all smart travel, backpacking involves enough organization to know where you’re going, but not so much to sap the spontaneity from your trip. Instead of flying in and out of the same city, I book ended my route with larger centres such as Rome and Paris.

But when it came to packing my bag a massive 65l Supercontinent from Mountain Equipment Co op I failed miserably. I didn’t carry the weight of the world on my shoulders, but it sure felt like it as I lagged around four pairs of shoes, a pillow, bowler hat and countless other oddities while Europeans openly pointed.

Despite my fastidious planning, I’d forgotten what makes or breaks a trip: your luggage.

This year,
cards of humanity, I went to Spain and Portugal, and did it right. And by right, I mean light. I laid out everything I wanted to take, and divided by half. What remained were the things that would really come in hand.

After all, did I need heels and a hair straightener? Probably not.

But flip flops for slimy hostel showers and a pocket comb (because I still kind of care) were essential. My hair may have resembled a Chia pet in Barcelona’s humidity,
cards against humanity cheap, but I had zero back pain an important factor when you’re an aging millennial.

Ultimately, the trick to backpacking is to make life easier on you ahead of time. Somewhere between my trips, I became a better traveller and largely because of adjusted packing habits. My backpack is still the same lime green bag with one too many Canadian flags sewn on, but it could have belonged to two very different people.

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NSW police pursuits to continue

NSW Police Minister Mike Gallacher has ruled out banning police pursuits,
cards against humanity print, arguing his state has the nation’s most stringent rules despite a death in Sydney’s west.

A young passenger was killed in the early hours of Wednesday morning as police chased a car driven by a 17 year old P plater,
playing cards against humanity.

“The moment you indicate pursuits are no longer going to take place, then quite simply there are far more potential serious consequences as a result of offenders who work out that once you get to a certain speed police will automatically discontinue,
blank cards against humanity?,” he told reporters.

“Offenders will always drive at that speed and therefore put everybody at risk as well,
cards against humanity in stores.”

The minister said NSW police had the “most stringent” rules in place for pursuits, which included having an independent duty operations inspector remotely decide whether a pursuit should continue.

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Top cheap festivals in Europe that are cheaper than Glastonbury

Music fans heading to Glastonbury in Somerset next week will be paying an average daily cost of 112, according to new research out today.

The festival, which has been running since 1970, is on between 25 and 29 June and will cost revellers a total cost of 560 if they go for the entirety of the event, with admission costing 215 and the average pint of beer 4.50.

For value for money, festival fans might want to capitalise on a strong pound and could be better off heading to Central Europe, according to travel cash specialist No 1 Currency.

How to go to Glastonbury for free and get ticket discounts for your favourite bands

Five tips to save money over the holidays and still have a great time

Boost your holiday cash with a free currency exchange card from FairFX

Make sure you are properly protected: Compare the best travel insurance deals

Only one major festival cost more than Glastonbury and that is Tomorrowland in Boom, Belgium, which costs 180 per day.

With the highest admission,
white cards against humanity, accommodation and meal costs,
game cards against humanity, the weekend could set avid music fans back a pricey 541.47. It has headline acts such Armin van Buuren, Carl Cox and Benny Benassi.

Roskilde in Denmark proves to be the most lavish for festival goers, emptying wallets to the tune of 729.12 for seven nights, 84 per cent more expensive than Sziget which runs for the same amount of time. It has the Rolling Stones headlining.

Glastonbury attendees will be forking out the most of all major European festivals for food and drink, with an average cost of 69 per day.

On the other hand,
cards against humanity best, those heading to Poland for the Open’er ,
white cards against humanity, will spend as little as 21 per day on food and drinks.

Hands in the air: Glastonbury goers will be hoping for sunny weather in the five days it is on

Simon Phillips, head of retail at No 1 Currency, said: ‘Glastonbury is undoubtedly one of the biggest music events in the British calendar but with tickets selling out in minutes and at a huge cost, thousands of Brits have started to look further afield for their festival fix.

‘Now there are festivals in most European countries and music junkies are only too happy to hop on a train or plane for the chance to see their favourite bands.

‘But it isn’t just huge names like the Rolling Stones that are attracting Brits to Europe, it’s also the savings they can make on the cost of tickets, accommodation and food and drink. In fact, it can actually work out much better value to travel to a festival in mainland Europe than to stay at home.’

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Gardening Tips and Tricks

Tis the season to get started with your garden and landscape ideas. Brain and I put our collective heads together (now that in and of itself is quite a feat since we both have holes in our heads,
game cards against humanity!) and came up with an idea to have a question and answer thread for you.

Brain is a fantastic gardener. She can grow the most gorgeous veggies and perennials of anyone I know! The pictures she has posted over the years have been spectacular! If we lived in the same town, she would be on my crew!

I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Horticulture and own my own landscape design business. Over the course of time, I have learned what grows and what doesn’t, how to make your yard work for you, and will answer questions about trees, plants, shrubs, bugs/pests, pruning,
cards against humanity white cards?, irrigation, etc. If I don’t know the answer, I will tell you. But, I will also look it up and not keep you hanging!

against humanity card game, as a team, Brain and I will do our best to see if we can help you with some of your questions. Feel free to post pictures of your gardens, plants, veggies, perennials, etc., as that’s what this will be all about.

PS, I am also an arborist someone knowledgeable about trees. I have been growing deciduous landscape trees for 12 years.

I’ve been gardening about 20 years. I moved in here and curiosity get the best of me. What is all this stuff, coming out of the ground?

I had a mint bed and all kinds of bulbs COOL! Apple and a pear tree, all kinds of stuff.

Over the years I’ve tried one of everything.

I am now trying to do most of it as naturally as possible. I compost, so I make my own dirt. I use mostly vinegar and epsome salts because pesticides and that stuff is bad for me, my family and pets, and all the wild things.

One thing I wanted to ask you about was my roses, Flygirl. They’re really giving me grief lately. I’m thinking it’s what’s splashing up on them when it rains that is causing a lot of the black spot and mildew.

What would you suggest as mulch? I usually use shredded cyprus. Is there something better? I was thinking of doing a low ground cover Dragon’s Blood Sedum instead.

03 18 2008, 06:24 PM

Oh Wow, this is great!! My question I have several peony plants and peony trees. Two years ago we had a very wet summer. My peony plant leaves and stalks started turning whitish grey, and then got black spots all over. I cut them back to the ground. Last year they came back up with the same problem.

Is this fungus, and how do I get rid of it? Or, do you think this is some other problem?They are just starting to come up again. They didn’t bloom that well last year either.

It depends on what type of Hydrangea it is. Is this a Hydrangea that was given to you as a gift from a florist? If so, it may not survive outside. Some of these types of plants are “specialty” plants and don’t usually survive outside.

Although you live in a generally warmer climate, you can try growing it outside if you wait til the weather warms up a bit more and the ground warms up. Plant it in an area that is well drained, but not dry, and will get some sun in the morning, but not the hot afternoon sun.

Or just repot it and keep it as a houseplant,
against humanity game.

03 18 2008, 06:49 PM

Oh Wow, this is great!! My question I have several peony plants and peony trees. Two years ago we had a very wet summer. My peony plant leaves and stalks started turning whitish grey, and then got black spots all over. I cut them back to the ground. Last year they came back up with the same problem.

Is this fungus, and how do I get rid of it? Or, do you think this is some other problem?They are just starting to come up again. They didn’t bloom that well last year either.

Peonies Tree Peonies should never be cut back. At least that’s my opinion from my training. If you have some sort of fungus on them, then that should be treated and the infected leaves and stalks should be removed and destroyed.

Shrub peonies should be cut back every year. What you are describing sounds like a fungus. Make sure when you do your spring clean up, that all of the mulch and dead leaves and stalks from last season have been completely removed and replaced. The fungus is probably still growing in the mulch from the previous season.

During this season, if you see any leaves or stalks appearing with these same black spots, remove them immediately. Be sure that water is not splashing onto the plants.

03 18 2008, 06:56 PM

One thing I wanted to ask you about was my roses, Flygirl. They’re really giving me grief lately. I’m thinking it’s what’s splashing up on them when it rains that is causing a lot of the black spot and mildew.

What would you suggest as mulch? I usually use shredded cyprus. Is there something better? I was thinking of doing a low ground cover Dragon’s Blood Sedum instead.

Roses don’t like water splashed on their leaves. Either from overhead watering or rain or splashing water. This does cause blackspot. As for the powdery mildew, this can also be caused by too much water and too much mulch around the base of the roses. I don’t use too much mulch around my roses. I keep an area away from the roots. This allows air to circulate and keeps them from getting too much water and keeps the soil from staying wet. Roses don’t like their feet wet.

I live in the high desert (3500′ elevation) and my roses are in a bed with hot southwest exposure. They get about 20 minutes of drip line water each day and do just fine. We get about 10 inches of water a YEAR so as you can see, my roses are not water soaked at all. Last year, they were totally neglected b/c I was not well most of the summer. They didn’t even get a good pruning and they just thrived! Neglect does them well!

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Lions’ Khalif Mitchell vs

“On this long road to greatness. It has many twists and turns but I won’t stop until I reach the top.” Twitter motto of Saskatchewan Roughriders’ tailback Kory Sheets.

REGINA Kory Sheets’ road to greatness hit a rough patch when he tore his Achilles two years ago after the Miami Dolphins practically guaranteed him a job as the NFL team’s kick returner and third down back.

But it didn’t break his spirit, a reason the former Purdue Boilermaker’s career journey has taken him on an unexpected detour to Saskatchewan and the Canadian Football League. Lions as another test case to reassert himself as the starry feature back he believes himself to be.

Purdue’s all time leader in rushing touchdowns (48) is among the the CFL’s new crop of breakthrough stars early in the 2012 season, joining Tiger Cats running back Chevon Walker (89 and 95 yard touchdowns in his first two starts) and Winnipeg returner Demond Washington (82 yard punt return touchdown last week).

The 27 year old Sheets had 123 combined yards and a touchdown in the Roughriders’ 43 16 opening win over the Tiger Cats, and he scored the game’s only TD last Sunday against Edmonton, a 34 yard dash to the end zone late in a 17 1 victory that was the only salvageable piece of highlight video from an otherwise unwatchable game.

“I have a nose for the end zone,” Sheets said, following the Riders’ final prep at Mosaic Stadium for Saturday’s game against the Lions (Noon, TSN, Team 1410). “Once I get within 30 yards of the end zone, my ears go up, like a dog smelling red meat. Then,
cards against humanity cards list, I try to score any way possible.”

For that to happen Saturday, Sheets will have to run through or around the CFL’s most formidable defensive line, which includes defensive tackle Khalif Mitchell, a former teammate with the San Francisco 49ers, one of three NFL teams which saw promise in Sheets that went unrealized.

Mitchell, a brilliant but mercurial man child who can physically take over a game when he puts his mind to it, was pursued by a number of NFL teams in the off season, but it was the Dolphins who snagged him. After agreeing to terms with Miami, however, Mitchell had a change of heart, angering not only the NFL team but his agent whose contractual work went for naught.

CFL players just don’t turn down NFL money. That’s not the way the football world is supposed to work. But Sheets was one of the few who understood the motivation driving Mitchell.

“I was in Miami when Khalif made his decision,
cards against humanity full set, and he told me why he did it,” Sheet said. “Man, I knew what he was talking about. Nothing in the NFL is guaranteed. Look what happened to me. Promised a job one day. Gone the next because of an injury. No matter how much money is involved, you want to be around people who care about you. So that’s why he’s back there, helping them to win another Grey Cup. I understand where he’s coming from.”

“Kory’s my boy. He knows how I think,” Mitchell said. “Plus, he’s a real good back.”

Sheets scored three touchdowns in a pair of pre season game with the 49ers in 2009, then was plucked off San Francisco’s practice roster by the Dolphins, who were loaded with running backs of the ilk of Ronnie Brown, Ricky Williams, Reggie Bush.

The Dolphins envisioned him as a third down, short yardage back a situational player but Sheets insisted he was good enough to be the featured runner.

“Those guys are no better than me. They just get paid more than me,” he said.

Coach Tony Sparano wasn’t quite prepared to agree with Sheets, however, and the point became moot when he tore his Achilles.

“I can’t wait to run at big 96 [Mitchell],” he said. “He’s an outspoken guy and an outstanding talent.”

With two rookies on the offensive line,
cards against humantiy, one of whom, Johan Asiata, is making his first start, it remains to be seen whether the Roughriders can punch a hole big enough for Sheets to run through. But, if they do,
cards againat humanity, look out.

“He’s explosive a home run hitter,” Saskatchewan quarterback Darian Durant says. “He adds a dimension to our offence that we really haven’t had in the past couple of years.”

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How Yeddyurappa weakens BJP in South India in one blow

Bangalore, Nov 30: BS Yeddyurappa marched towards Vidhan Soudha in Bangalore on Friday,
words against humanity?, Nov 30. The former Karnataka Chief Minister finally proved his power weakening Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) in entire South India, especially in Karnataka.

of his resignation, all party leaders from Yeddyurappa’s assembly constituency Shikaripura in Shimoga district stepped down to join his new party.

Yeddyurappa on Friday claimed that he had tolerated BJP’s ignorance and now he would not continue to demand the central party leadership to re appoint him as the CM of the state,
which cards against humanity expansion is best.

The rebel BJP leader would launch his new party Karnataka Janata Party (KJP) on Dec 9. Yeddyurappa decided to break his ties with BJP as he was disappointed with the BJP leadership and believes that the party high command has ditched him by not giving him back the chief minister’s post,
citizens against humanity. He was forced to step down following his alleged involvement in several corruption cases,
cards against humanity for sale.

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Holiday Gift Guide 2008

This may be the year more people give in to their inner pragmatist and actually make and stick to a gift buying budget,
cards aganist humanity. Here are 12 smart ways to stretch spending without coming off like Scrooge

By Bev Bennett

To please everyone on your list while staying within your budget, look beyond the season’s hot items and focus instead on practical, yet pleasurable presents.

And don’t worry; you won’t be alone in your approach.

“Saving is contagious,” says Tim Henderson, consumer strategist for Iconoculture, Inc., a consumer research company in Minneapolis.

In years past, “We went through aspirational buying, looking for the higher priced item,” says Henderson. This season, he believes shoppers will prefer to give practical gifts: purchases the recipient needs, that promote good causes or that display the giver’s talents.

So don’t be too quick to dismiss the adage,”It’s the thought that counts.” Think and then find ways to give your loved ones simple, enjoyable gifts. Here are some ideas.

The Moisture Stick, a roll on moisturizer to relieve dry knees, elbows, cuticles, lips and more, weighs half an ounce, is suitable for carry on luggage and comes in five scents, including Rosemary Mint and Tangerine Melon ($5, Deep Steep).

A battery operated, stainless steel milk frother will whip hot milk into a foamy cap for coffee in minutes (Aerolatte, $10 $30).

Amplify the impact of an assortment of practical gifts by assembling them in a themed gift basket.

You can create a personal yet economical indulgence basket, following a tip from Jennifer Melnick Carota, a licensed therapist and gift shopping strategist in the Pittsburgh area.

Buy lotions and potions in sets and break them up, so one basket gets the lotion, another the dusting powder. Here are a couple of tantalizing suggestions:

Extra Rich Shea Butter comes in floral and fruit scents as well as unscented ($7.50 for a 0.35 ounce tin, Mistral).

An affordable set of body luxuries includes solid perfume, body butter, soy candle and a set of matches. The sets are available in one of four scents: Avalon Juniper, Mediterranean Fig, Tuscan Blood Orange and Hawaiian Ruby Guava ($12.95, Pacifica).

Modest Gifts in Great Packages

Make the wrapper as meaningful as the gift,
cards against humanity best expansion. For example:

Buy a bag of ground coffee, put it in an attractive coffee mug and wrap. Add a measuring spoon to the ribbon.

Buy a small ice bucket; set two Champagne flutes and a small bottle of Champagne in the bucket. Wrap,
free cards against humanity.

Pick up a pair of women’s socks in a fun color or pattern. Fill with nail polish and pedicure supplies.

Cooking herbs keep on giving throughout the year. You’ll find herb pots in supermarkets or garden nurseries. Buy a set of four herbs, such as thyme, mint, basil and rosemary; arrange them in a container that sits on the windowsill, which your loved one can use in several favorite recipes.

Fair trade items are made by hand and sold for prices that ensure the artists receive a fair price and the opportunity to earn a living wage.

Fair trade jewelry,
cards against humanity expansion, widely distributed, is often distinctive. The wood beads are made from scraps from a local furniture factory. Sales of the necklace help women in New Delhi send their children to school and feed their families ($28.50).

Accessories fashioned from discarded containers and packaging are another popular fair trade fashion theme.

If you’re known for your culinary talents, share them with others.

Bake a pie in a new pie dish or a quick bread in a new pan that becomes part of the gift. You can make gourmet blueberry vinegar even if you lack kitchen skills. See sidebar for the recipe.

Junk mail clutter is a nuisance, but a bulky electric paper shredder isn’t exactly a lean, mean eco machine.

Opt for Stainless Steel Shredding Scissors. The multiple blades shred paper and credit cards, yet the gadget is small enough to fit in a desk drawer ($8.99, The Container Store).

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motivating contractors,
against humanity

working on the latest house (buy and hold) and my main contractor is not living up to my expectations. I have used him before a few times and did not have a problem. In the past, he quote something and i had him do it. Then he worked on my basement and i made the mistake to pay him hourly.

This job, i had him quote it and started having problems from day one. He say “it wil take a day”, and it been 3 weeks. or “I be there”, and comes for 45 mins before he leaves. the latest example is. he said “you get the 3 windows and i can do exterior trim (25ft), tuck pointing, enlarge and finish windows, and replace 4 window sills in 1 day. I told him he was nuts to think he could do it in 1 day. Sure enough, they busted the window openings, attached the windows and “had to leave because it was “end of the day”. they worked for under 3 hrs.

The reason i also hired him (he tried applying for one of the houses but ended up buying a house on his own), is that he has a day job, so he just works after hrs.

Because it taking him a long time, i had to give out some of his items to other contractors. He stated that he is losing money and the job is getting smaller and smaller. So, he feels that there is no incentive to come over anymore since the job is too small.

But we are talking about enlarging 3 windows and replacing the windows, 3 slabs of concrete replacement, tuckpointing about 100 ft of crack, drywall work, plumbing the house, garage siding, etc.

I have hard time motivating him. i think he tries to keep some of his buddies contractors happy and they are taking longer than he expected.

I dont want to lose him as a contractor. When they worked on my basement, it was a good relationship. I think they worked slow (hourly fee), but I like to use him again. If that is not motivation enough, we will find someone else.

The problem with bonuses and the likes is it encourages poor performance. he is slow on getting the work done, but when he completed the garage siding portion, i had a paypal bill in my inbox 30 mins later. and that rubbed me the wrong way. i paid him right away and that apparently is not good enough.

he nickle and dimes me every time as well. while calculating his drywall estimate, he quoted $381. i asked him “why $381 and not $385 or $380″ and he said” that what my formula says. and that just one example.

i dont want to argue because that ruins relationships. not that i have a problem arguing (some might say i am bitchy enough), but i WANT to work with people, not push them away.

Yes, first mistake was paying hourly, as they get toward the end there is only 3 hours left and it not worth the drive.

Money is the best motivator after a personal relationship,
cards against humanity online free.

For small jobs I hold back enough to make the stay with it, maybe half, if it a 2/3 day job, might just pay at completion. You can usually size up the professionalism of these workers by what they drive, in a way, a new truck, they must be making money, an old beater that barely runs and they need a jump start, they may want something at the end of each day for their recreational needs. Use your judgment as to what will motivate them, IMO!

Originally posted by George P.:hi james, i agree. he is slow on getting the work done, but when he completed the garage siding portion, i had a paypal bill in my inbox 30 mins later. and that rubbed me the wrong way. i paid him right away and that apparently is not good enough.

he nickle and dimes me every time as well. while calculating his drywall estimate,
cards agianst humanity, he quoted $381. i asked him “why $381 and not $385 or $380″ and he said” that what my formula says. and that just one example.

i dont want to argue because that ruins relationships. not that i have a problem arguing (some might say i am bitchy enough), but i WANT to work with people, not push them away.

George, I think you need to approach this from a business perspective.

As for the estimate issue, I would not worry about that. I get estimates like that all the time and it likely is because of a formula used (I sometimes bid odd numbers for houses), so if the price is fair why worry? If I were you I would start looking for a new contractor, someone who values relationships as much as you do. did not even mention it again.

yesterday he was installing the windows and the gap between the end of the window and the wood was 1,
cards against humanity for sale.5″. he just screwed it with a long screw and was going to leave it there. i said “i dont want this big gap between the end of the window and the wood”.

he said, “WELL, then i have to take them ALL out and put them again. i dont have time for this now. will have to come tomorrow, and i drive 30 mins just to get here”.

It always a good idea to work into your agreement a time frame with monetary bonus or damage. For example, 100% of the work has to be completed by XYZ date, or if not yet completed then they lose $100/day on their final payment. Or if they finish by XYZ date they get some monetary bonus you feel fit.

Money is always the biggest motivator. It always a good idea to stress the importance of the relationship moving forward to begin with if they see more business in the future you think they be motivated enough with just that.

Everyone knows how the investor contractor relationship goes though. If you find a good one hold on tight and treat them right.

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Rebels coach has run

Farley was celebrating after the Hitmen eliminated the Rebels in Game 5 at the Saddledome Thursday night when he fell off a ledge above the Rebels tunnel and onto head coach Brent Sutter.

fell right in front of me and then went into my feet and my legs and pushed me back, said the former Flames bench boss. first reaction was he was trying to jump on me.

happened so quickly. Your first reaction is to defend. I didn know if he was going to jump on me or what he was going to do. So I took a step in and booted him.

I realized what I was booting. I said it Farley. So I ripped his head off to make sure he was OK and so he could hear me to tell him, gotta get out of here. the former Calgary Flames head coach, said he immediately knew his mascot melee would become a story.

didn have the opportunity to rip the tongue out of him,
cards against humanity for sale, Sutter said with a laugh.

that the only thing I was thinking of as I walked down the tunnel Craig MacTavish. couldn have picked a worse time to lose his footing,
buy cards against humanity.

Sutter WHL squad season had just come to an end.

But he said the loss and his club sub par performance had nothing to do with the altercation.

had nothing to do with me beating up this mascot, Sutter said. he had have fallen and I was five feet from him, I would have helped him up.

if I would have been one quarter of a step quicker, he would have landed right on my head, Sutter continued. would have broke my neck. He would have landed right on top of my head. That how close it was to him landing on top of me.

a good thing it happened to me, and not when the players were going through. If that were players, they would have started hitting him over the head with their sticks. said he talked with Farley a few minutes later when both he and the mascot had a chance to absorb what had just happened.

went back down the tunnel, and I think he was in shock, Sutter said. was down by our dressing room leaning up against the wall, so I said,
against humanity, are you doing? and he said, fell off the ledge. was numb. He lucky he didn get hurt because he fell. It not like he fell two feet. This guy fell like 8 10 feet down. I hope he OK from the fall. My kick didn hurt him in the least.

funny now,
cards against humanity cheap, but I felt bad for him. It hilarious now. GM Kelly Kisio witnessed the incident and went to Sutter room post game.

came down after, and he was so apologetic, but I said, nobody fault. Guys, I didn know. I didn know if he was trying to jump on me or what he was doing, Sutter said.

Kisio said he and Sutter shared a laugh over the bizarre episode.

saw him fall out of the corner of my eye, Kisio said.

not something we want to happen. It was just a little bit of a mistake. (Mascots) step out of bounds sometimes, and accidents happen.

fell right in front of me and then went into my feet and my legs and pushed me back, said the former Flames bench boss. first reaction was he was trying to jump on me.

crimes against humanity game fi ysh hi